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Story of a Star

Here we are, with our experiences, our memories, our perception of what is. Our individuality, heritage, race, religion, culture, social status, and so on…our manifestation of the SELF, the EGO. This SELF is ultimately the reason for all our conflicts in every day life and in humanity and this entire planet as a Whole. I mean it bothers me that as capable as we are as humans, as many senses as we have, we have still not come to the common sense of living in harmony. So I figured I’ll start with myself.

I am learning about me, in every way, I am observing with all my senses. I want to understand…I want to see with a clear conscience. I want to learn every little detail, element, color, component, substance, function, action and reaction of everything in existence. Life is abundant and infinite in every present moment, but it is extremely limited with the conditioning of “time” (the past or the future, yesterday or tomorrow). The Ego is the accumulation and expectation of time, yet time is only an illusion a concept. It is the form of measurement in this materialistic World of matter. And to think, we started of as a particle in space, as stardust, now expressing our existence.

So if I may, I want to share with you what observation has created.